Bluffton University is a private university in Bluffton, Ohio with multiple accredited programs. The university has more than eighty majors, minors, and interdisciplinary programs, and sixteen NCAA DIII athletic teams.
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While Bluffton had success enrolling out of state athletes, it wanted to expand its reach and bring in a wider variety of students from not only its state and region, but also from around the country.
Strategy Mix


  • Digital Advertising:
    • Google, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram
  • Market Audit
  • Competitive Audit
  • Niche Targeting
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  • Record Out-of-State Enrollment
  • Record Enrollment in Targeted Majors and Programs
  • Spreading Awareness of Bluffton University further than ever.
  • 162k+ Ad Clicks
  • 24M+ Ad Impressions
  • Click Thru Rate (CTR) ~2x Industry Benchmark

“For the third year in a row, Bluffton University’s enrollment continues to be on the rise.”

Work examples

How we did it.

Analytic Expertise
Our analysis and recommendations give Bluffton data they were previously unable to accurately analyze and act upon. Our analysis and recommendations allow the university to make better strategic decisions.
Our collaboration with Bluffton revolves around the key principles of open communication, respect, and dedication. We are passionate about digital marketing, and Bluffton University is passionate about education and its community. We need Bluffton’s knowledge and insights just as much as they need our expertise in the digital space.
Bluffton trusts us to carry out its digital marketing campaigns day in and day out. With this confidence, the university can shift its focus and energy to other strategic areas.

“It feels like we are your only client because we get that much personal attention.”

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